Information on the processing of personal data

MWF S.r.l., pursuant to Art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree N. 196/2003 - Privacy Code, in its capacity as data controller, informs you that the data concerning you will be used for execution of the contractual relationship that binds you, as well as for the provision of services directly instrumental to this relationship. The data will be processed by electronic and paper means, according to strictly instrumental methods to the pursuit of the indicated purpose, as well as indicated in the Italian Legislative Decree N. 679/16 - GDPR. The conferment of yours, is necessary for the execution of the contractual relationship with you in place. The information concerning you may be used by employees and consultants of MWF S.r.l. designated in charge of processing or by third parties who hold the qualification of external managers for completion of the operations connected to the aforementioned purpose. Except as indicated above, and for what follows in the paragraph General Data Protection Regulations , the communication of your data to third parties may only be carried out for the fulfillment of legal obligations or for accounting purposes, as well as to implement the existing contractual relationship. Except for the indications contained in the aforementioned paragraph, your data will not be disclosed or transferred abroad. The data controller is MWF S.r.l., with headquarters in Via Cavaleri, 6 - 20147 Milano, Italy. The list updated by the managers and the employees is available at MWF S.r.l. and is available for consultation to be made by E-Mail at the address or through any channel indicated in the paragraph General Data Protection Regulations . To have full clarity about the operations we referred to you and to exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition to the treatment and the other rights referred to in Art. 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree. 196/2003 (Consolidated Law - Privacy Code) we can contact the manager for the management of the requests of the interested parties by letter sent by e-mail to the address or as indicated in the paragraph General Data Protection Regulations .

General Data Protection Regulation

MWF S.r.l., pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 679/2016 - European regulation on personal data protection, in its capacity as processing owner, informs you that the data concerning you will be held by the data controller - Andrea Giannone - at MWF S.r.l., with headquarters in Via Cavaleri, 6 - 20147 Milano, Italy. The data will be archived in paper and electronic format, for the entire relationship duration and/or unless otherwise indicated by the provisions of existing contractual documentation - including the use of website services. In their digital version, their protection will be guaranteed by procedures of cryptography and anonymisation of the identified subjects. As well as systems suitable for preventive protection against IT attacks of different nature - such as hacking, cracking, viruses, malwares, various and possibly. In case of data breach, official notification will be presented to the competent authorities on the subject, and you will be notified by and no later than 72 hours after verification by the data controller. Your data will be indirectly transmitted to third-party subjects who own the tools and technologies available on These guarantee the correct platform operations, as well as its usability by the users. The list of subjects involved, as well as how to send them the data, are indicated in the paragraph EU e-Privacy Policy - Code and Policy . MWF S.r.l., in compliance with the aforementioned regulation and to the Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 - Privacy Code, guarantees your right of access, rectification, and opposition to the data processing, after ownership verification by the applicant through request addressed to the manager of treatment. This request must be supported by a valid identity document, to be presented in autonomy through the special services provided by the platform - if allowed - or according to the methods expressed in the paragraph Information on the processing of personal data. In case of data communication by subjects less than years 16, Assunta Siani it will oppose the processing and / or archiving of these - in any form - excluding the person responsible for the processing and any related physical and legal person, from any obligation and responsibility in the against the subjects involved, if the transmission of the aforementioned does not take place in the presence of certified consent by part of legal tutor. For any other matter on the subject, as well as the points concerning the legislation, we refer you to the full text consultation . The above indications are extended and implicitly considered valid for promotional and publicization activity carried out by MWF S.r.l. - inherent exclusively to the existing activity - through the third-party platforms involved, listed in the UE e-Privacy directive - Code and disclosure paragraph.

UE e-Privacy directive - Code and disclosure

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